What is Anxiety?

Chest pounding, heavy breathing, sweaty palms, overwhelming feeling of fear and panic. Whether you’re driving to work or in the grocery store, anxiety can happen at any time. Anxiety is the feeling you get from a situation or circumstance where your body believes you are in danger. Whether real or imagined, your body deems that it is time to either “fight or flight.” This response triggers your nervous system, which secretes a stress hormone to prepare for what it considers to be a dangerous situation.

But what if the danger isn’t real?

This is when people experience anxiety, when perceived or imagined danger causes the body to react as if it is in an emergency situation. Anxiety can be a debilitating symptom and is often associated with many disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), autism, Asperger’s, insomnia, and traumatic brain injury. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways but many people often experience:

  • Muscle tension
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Upset stomach and nausea
  • Overwhelming fear
  • Uneasy feeling of panic or worry
  • Tiredness and insomnia
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating
  • Anger or irritability
  • Feeling like crying
  • Racing heart
  • Brain Fog

So how does brain wave therapy help?

Brain Rx uses microcurrent direct neurofeedback, an FDA-cleared and drug free alternative treatment for treating anxiety.

Neurofeedback works through the nervous system; having the unique ability to naturally prevent the body from inappropriately secreting stress hormones.

With neurofeedback, the intensity and frequency of anxiety waves are lessened.

Patients often see a drastic reduction in how often they are getting anxious and at times can run into previously triggering situations and have no symptoms at all.

The increase of neurofeedback being covered by health insurance companies has allowed more and more doctors to implement microcurrent direct neurofeedback into their treatment plans. Whether a stand-alone treatment or paired with other modalities, neurofeedback is a natural treatment working to cure anxiety.

Does it work though?

A case study published in 2011 called “Treatment of Anxiety Disorder With Neurofeedback” (Moradi et al, 2011) worked to look at the effects neurofeedback has over regularly scheduled sessions.

Examiners tracked patient improvements during the treatment plan as well as during a follow up one year after the sessions were completed. A 90-item symptom check-list paired with self-reports were used to measure a variety of common anxiety symptoms.

Prior to the treatment, patients exhibited “hostility, anxiety, interpersonal sensitivity and depression…but after treatment with neurofeedback and follow-up, the severity of anxiety related symptoms decreased which were also consistent with the self-reports.” Patients were reporting increased calmness and a reduction of anxiety related symptoms both during the session and sustained improved mood and increased motivation after the session.

This study finds neurofeedback to be an effective modality of treatment for anxiety disorder and found tangible evidence of a decrease in anxiety symptoms once the sessions started.

Brain Rx succesfully treats Anxiety Patients in Los Angeles using Neurofeedback

Meet Natalie Bolton. She was a top 4 finalist on Survivor: Micronesia and lives in Los Angeles as skin therapist and business owner. She owns and operates Skin Sacred, a practice focused around mind, body, spirit and wellness with a multi-faceted approach towards healing.

Natalie describes her anxiety issues and experience with Brain Rx:

“I’ve always had a level of low-grade anxiety, probably since childhood. I’ve only had a few panic or anxiety attacks in my life. But the constant anxiety feels like a little monkey sitting on my shoulder, never free from it.” “I think that’s part of why I did so well on survivor, I live with anxiety and I am always thinking with a strategic mind, always running in a fight or flight mentality.”

“I came to Brain Rx to treat my procrastination, inability to focus on a task until completion, brain fog, and mental fatigue but to also try and cure my anxiety, the over-arching problem. I am always at least a 3 out of 10 anxiety and that tends to exacerbate my symptoms.”

Natalie has seen great positive results and as her treatment progresses, it becomes easier to see the improvements she is experiencing. “After just a few treatments I was already more conscious of my procrastination but also had the wherewithal to stop that behavior and started to finish the tasks on my to-do lists. I have come to stop negotiating with myself about a task but instead just I get up and do it.”

“My brain has never felt sharper, I feel like I have a 14-year-old fresh brain and can think clearly, with my brain fog and mental fatigue becoming less of a problem with each treatment.

Natalie Bolton, Brain-Rx Los Angeles Patient

What to expect from Anxiety Treatment

The treatment takes about 10-15 minutes and is both drug-free and effort-free. All a patient needs to do is show up, meet with one of our highly trained professionals and feel the difference. Natalie was able to see immediate and lasting results during her first treatment. “I felt calm and Zen quite quickly. I go in and out of sleepy and relaxed until I start to perk up and become upright and alert. As the session goes on, I can feel my mind become sharper and the fatigue from the day start to pass. I feel brighter and have more energy, with my anxiety lowering to where I’m not even conscious of it.”

Anxiety can be like “a monkey on your back”, always with you, or come in waves when you least expect it. It can change your mood and trigger a fear response that leaves you in a state of panic. Microcurrent direct neurofeedback is a proven, natural treatment used to try and cure anxiety and its symptoms. Neurofeedback is a trusted, natural alternative to treat anxiety that doesn’t depend on the use of medication. Brain Rx provides a custom treatment plan to track improvements and work towards patients living a symptom free life.

Call us at 818-612-0964 or fill in our simple contact form to set up your consultation and see what an anxiety-free life looks like today.