October is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) awareness month. This is a great opportunity to focus on a mental health diagnosis that affects so many children and adults. According to www.add.org, about 5% of adults have this disorder- and they have had it their whole life- that is 11,000,000 people in the US!  ADHD is not just a childhood disorder, and symptoms can look very different in adulthood. It may not look like the verbal/emotional outbursts, running or climbing in inappropriate situations, fidgeting or appearing to ignore directions that is seen in children. As an adult it may look like- forgetfulness at work or at home, making careless mistakes, and/or difficulty organizing or prioritizing tasks. By adulthood, the adult has figured out how to manage- as much as possible- to fit within the norms and social expectations of society. ADHD affects the ‘executive functioning” part of the brain- and that develops as people age. It’s important to keep our brains running at their full potential- as kids or adults! And that could mean needing to “re-train’ the brain.

Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback targets the “executive functioning” part of the brain that makes decisions, prioritizes, organizes and houses our “right and wrong”, as well as the Central Nervous System (our Fight or Flight). By affecting these areas of the brain- the small, noninvasive signal from Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback can “re-train” them!

After a Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback session, our client’s reports feeling calm, relaxed and focused. After subsequent sessions, they have found an increase in ability to manage impulsivity, an increase in attention span, an increase in ability to handle frustrating situations and better overall outcomes in school and/or work. See how Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback can help you- or someone you love- by visiting us at www.brain-rx.org