Brain RX, a holistic health treatment company is ready to start providing services across the Los Angeles area. Brain RX provides Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback treatments to help alleviate symptoms related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, ADD/ADHD, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, autism, learning disabilities, fatigue, migraines, insomnia, and anger/aggression.

The company was started with the premise of wanting to help people get out of their “stuck, ineffective” mindsets and start living authentic, fulfilling lives! The quick, passive, safe treatment allows for the brain to ‘re-set” itself- allowing the individual to create new thought and behavioral patterns that ca help enhance their day to day lives. Created by veterans in the medical and mental health fields, Brain Rx is committed to genuine client care; making sure that client’s needs are a priority above all else.

We are excited to start changing lives in Los Angeles!