At Brain Rx, we regularly answer a number of frequently asked questions about neurofeedback, anything from “What is neurofeedback?” to “Does neurofeedback hurt?” to “will my hair stand up straight like at the science museum?” So we thought we would cover all of our common questions in this post!

Does It Hurt?

If you expect neurofeedback to give you a shocking jolt that stands you up straight, then you’re in for a unexpected surprise! The only shock our patients receive is when they see how easy the treatment truly is, while still experiencing such positive and immediate benefits. Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback is the most modern and up to date form of neurofeedback with little patient effort while providing quicker and greater results.

What Is It Used To Treat?

Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback is a drug-free, holistic therapy that treats a number of mental and behavioral disorders including:

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Mood regulation
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Autism & Asperger’s
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (concussions)
  • PTSD & Developmental Trauma
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Learning disabilities

While Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback has seen great success with these disorders, it is not a treatment for any specific condition, but rather focuses on self-regulation of brain wave patterns. The microcurrent mimics a patient’s brain waves and adds a slight offset, which allows the brain to self-adjust and work to change disruptive, harmful brain wave patterns into healthy, positive ones. This painless stimulation cannot hurt a patient since healthy brain wave patterns are flexible and are unaffected by tiny fluctuations, only stuck, harmful patterns are affected.

How Does Treatment Work?

At Brain Rx, the treatment process begins by placing 5 leads onto your head: 1 on each temple, 1 behind each ear and 1 next to your cheek. These leads are placed in concentrated nerve areas which allow the microcurrent to work through the nervous system, calming the fight-flight-freeze response while also stimulating the rest and digest response. By soothing the nervous system, patients are able to experience relief from any anxiety-based disorders or symptoms they may have, as well as enjoy a sense of relaxation and calmness. The entire session lasts an average of 30 minutes and unlike older versions of neurofeedback, our treatment requires nothing on the side of the patient.

Our Patient, Debbie McMillin, Shares her Real Life Experience With Neurofeedback

Debbie McMillin is a retired schoolteacher with over 30 years of experience. She has as an Education Specialist degree (Ed.S. Degree) in Teacher Leadership and is defending her PhD dissertation; “Teachers’ perception of the effectiveness of differentiation in meeting the needs of all students in mixed-ability classrooms.” Debbie has been called “a poster child for ADHD” and suffers from racing thoughts and maintaining her attention. “I was ADHD before anyone knew what ADHD was. I feel as though I can’t finish one thought before starting another and if my attention breaks, it takes a long time to go back to what I was originally working on.” “I feel pride in my work, I have accomplished a lot, but it was a horrible struggle.”

Prior to her appointment, Debbie filled out a quick, online intake form as to give her technician insight into developing a treatment plan. Debbie started her treatment by talking with her technician about what she wanted to get out of her session and how her symptoms affect her. During this time, she set goals and expectations for how neurofeedback could improve her life and improve her symptoms. Following the intake process, it only took a few minutes before Debbie was set up and ready to start her treatment. “It truly is painless, quick, and almost feels as though I’m being pampered.” Within a few minutes of starting treatment, she could already feel the positive effects. Debbie told her practitioner “I feel extremely relaxed, like having a massage. Usually my thoughts are racing, but instead I can focus on one thing at a time.” As the treatment ended, Debbie felt very relaxed and calm and was able to feel herself maintain focus on the tasks of her choice. “It’s amazing, it’s as if I don’t have as many thoughts when usually my thoughts are all over the place. It feels great, I don’t have to put forth extra effort to think and to focus.”

Debbie’s treatment lasted just under 30 minutes and she was able to enjoy being symptom-free for a few days following the treatment. Once the treatment ended, Debbie was able to set up her next appointment right then and there, ensuring she would keep the same technician, helping to better track her progress but also build on the relationship they have created. “I love the ease of the treatment and by having the same technician each time, I don’t have to keep explaining my struggles or my victories. It feels like they’re not just “a” technician but rather “MY” technician.”

How Often Do I Need to Have Treatment?

At Brain Rx, patients come in twice a week to help establish consistency for the brain, encouraging the production of healthy brain wave patterns while also un-freezing the stuck, harmful ones. Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback is a safe, painless, drug-free approach to treating a number of disorder and symptoms.

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