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Ditch the Prescriptions; Treat Depression With Neurofeedback

“Sometimes I feel like it would be easier if I just weren’t here any more. Like, if I got hit by a semi-truck while on the freeway and died, it would be a relief.” Depression is a Global Issue Consider this: Depression is the leading cause of disability in the U.S....

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How Doctors Are Using Brain Waves To Calm And Treat Anxiety

What is Anxiety? Chest pounding, heavy breathing, sweaty palms, overwhelming feeling of fear and panic. Whether you’re driving to work or in the grocery store, anxiety can happen at any time. Anxiety is the feeling you get from a situation or circumstance where your...

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Is Neurofeedback Right For You? Discover The Top 5 Benefits

Neurofeedback therapy can treat many symptoms without the use of prescription drugs. It's a pain free holistic treatment that has been a breakthrough for a wide range of people from elite athletes to children. As neurofeedback is gaining popularity, more and more...

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ADHD Awareness Month

https://add.org/adhd-awareness/ October is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) awareness month. This is a great opportunity to focus on a mental health diagnosis that affects so many children and adults. According to www.add.org, about 5% of adults have...

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Brain RX Opens its Doors

Brain RX, a holistic health treatment company is ready to start providing services across the Los Angeles area. Brain RX provides Microcurrent Direct Neurofeedback treatments to help alleviate symptoms related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, ADD/ADHD,...

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